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Good morning! Have a shrill alarm followed by an almost robotic voice on repeat. "If you have seen the pilot of Omega Res Novae..." "Security Breach. Please enter the administrator passcode at a designated command terminal." is the bland phrase that is being repeated at 60 second intervals.

Sure, you're probably confused. After all, you've somehow been deposited in a sterile metal room, in an (albeit comfortable) completely plain bunk. But, there's little time to get your bearings. That alarm will probably drive you insane before long, and it isn't likely that you'll stop it on your own. It should compel you toward the door, which opens automatically into a metal hallway. On one side there are numbered doors identical to the one you've just exited. On the other? Windows! Because some benevolent creator wanted to let you immediately see that you are stuck on an archaic space station.

There is a metal ring (where you currently are), surrounding a clear dome that is accessible by two large corridors. There seems to be greenery inside of the dome. Not, that it matters, since those access points seem kind of far.

On the bright side though, there is a hangar somewhere along the ring! And it has one of those handy command terminals right outside of it too.
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negative emotion meme

Because playing fluff and happy times can be fun and all, but sometimes you just wanna see your character at their worst.

1. Anger - You want to punch the wall. You want to punch the person in front of you.
2. Disappointment - Nothing is going the way you wanted. Is it their fault? Or is it all you?
3. Numbness - It feels like someone's dug out the contents of your chest with a spoon.
4. Heartbreak - People don't always get their happily ever after.
5. Jealousy - You want what they have. Or, you can't let anyone else have it.
6. Fear - You can't do this. You're shaking. You need to get out of here.

You have the choice of either directing those emotions towards (a) the character tagging you, or (b) a different target, leaving them to try and unmake the mess you'be become. AND HERE IS RNG!

And a jolly miserable time to you all!

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